Revenue Share

Earn up to 60% of project profits

The Revenue Share commission program allows a Partner to receive up to 60% of the project's income. This program calculates the Partner's income depending on the wagered money (NetGaming) of the attracted players.

Revenue Share calculation formula: Partner income = (Net Gaming × (100% - royalty) + Net Gaming Betting × (100% - royalty betting) - Casino Promo - (Player Deposits + Player Payouts) × payment systems commission) × 25% ...60%

Affiliate share under the Revenue Share program is dynamic and directly depends on the Partner's activity, namely, on the indicator of the first deposits of new players for the reporting period:

1st deposits* % for new players** Standard %
0 - 7 60% 25%
8 - 15 60% 30%
16 - 25 60% 35%
26 - 50 60% 40%
51+ 60% 45%
* Number of 1st deposits of new players for the previous period of 15 days
**For the first 30 days from the date of registration of the player


Receive up to $100 per player by the CPA program

The CPA commission program allows Partner to receive a fixed payment for players who have completed the qualification condition.The qualification conditions for each Partner are set individually.

The CPA program requires activation. To get access to this commission program you need to contact your account manager.Attracting motivated traffic by the CPA program is prohibited and may result in account blocking.

IMPORTANT: CPA program can be deactivated by the administration of the Affiliate program if it causes losses to the project and to the Affiliate program during several reporting periods. In this case, the players attracted by CPA can not participate in the formation of partner income from the moment of deactivation of the program.